Personalized Marketing

As a child you might remember some of the antics of cereal mascots as they attempted to steal, steal back, or keep people from stealing their Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp, or Trix. Mascots in their current incantation have been stealing our hearts and brains the same way for the last two hundred years, but that is all changing. (more…)

Interactive Personalized Music Videos

Few will argue that the music industry has been raped and pillaged by the proliferation of easily accessible first generation digital copies of their product. One of the last bastions they have is the concerts, merchandise and of course, music videos. However, since “Video Killed The Radio Star” echoed through the airwaves in 1981 on MTV, the format has remained largely unchanged, except for larger budgets and more credibility. MTV based their entire line up around the notion of music videos, but today has moved away from the medium that made it so popular. (more…)