The average American generates more than 4 pounds of solid trash every day. They account for nearly 50% of the world’s waste, but only 5% of it’s population. This stark contrast of consumption versus population has helped to spur movements like sustainability, and the now all to ubiquitous “Green” movement. Americans are beginning to realize that the rate at which they are consuming things isn’t a sustainable notion, and the idea of “Waste not, want not” is going to require more effort than just sorting your recyclables.

RecyclableIn the 1990’s the three R’s of recycling became famous for their easy to remember alliteration, and their catchy three arrow logo. It was during this time that sustainability made it’s first push into schools. Assemblies were held around the country to teach children about recycling, and how they can help “mother earth”. Field trips were organized to local recycling facilities, and TV commercials featuring the mentally disabled touted these places as a bastion for those who wouldn’t ever be knowledge workers. The recycling propaganda machine was in full force. (more…)